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With Bicyclebungee, two cyclists can ride together on separate bicycles in tandem, regardless of the skill level of either rider. The slower rider can enjoy a more independent and better quality of ride, and the stronger rider can ride at his/her own pace without leaving the companion behind. Both riders get to work out at their desired level while staying together.

The Bicyclebungee features a bungee cord with the perfect length, strength, and elasticity to safely tow another bicycle, and it smoothly absorbs the speed differences between the two riders. The carbon fiber construction is very light and durable. The built in auto-retracting reel ensures that the bungee’s slack is safely contained within the Bicyclebungee at all times for seamless transitions and no messy, dangerous tangles!

Using the Bicyclebungee is very easy. It quickly installs to the seat post of the leading bicyler. The hook on the bungee cord simply connects to the handlebar of the rear rider. Hooking and unhooking only takes a second and can even be performed while moving.

The Bicyclebungee is the perfect accessory for tandem cycling, biking with your kids, or resistance training and is designed and engineered to last for a lifetime of use.


Weight: 1 lb

Dimensions: 10″ (L) x 5″ (H) x 2″ (W)

Material: Carbon Fiber

Color: Black

Compatibility: Fits all standard seat post diameters from 27.2 mm to 31 mm

Seat post mount height: 3″

Warranty: 1 year


Shipments to most destinations in Europe require an additional $30 for shipping. *For all international orders, please inquire to confirm the shipping costs for your address.


Bicyclebungee is a unique and highly engineered cycling accessory that allows you to smoothly tow and pace another bicycle, regardless of the route, terrain, or capability of each rider.

The combination of the retracting spring and bungee cord releases a smooth, progressively increasing assistance force to the trailing bike, equalizing the speed of both riders, regardless of the difference in fitness and strength between both riders. The Bicyclebungee’s cord length lets the riders keep a reasonable distance apart so the towed rider can choose his/her own line or stop if catching up with the front rider. On the open, road the riders can choose a closer position to take advantage of drafting, and for longer downhills, it is easy to disconnect without stopping and then reconnect again at the bottom.

The Bicyclebungee’s carbon fiber construction is light and durable. The internal cord reel smoothly releases the bungee cord, which attaches to the trailing bicycle with a simple hook that attaches to the rear bike’s handlebars. Attachment and detachment can easily be performed even while riding.

The key principle behind Bicyclebungee is that both cyclists ride at the same effort they would if disconnected. Each riders uses the gears, with the towing rider choosing a lower gear than normal and the towed rider a higher gear.

Above all, Bicyclebungee lets you simply enjoy a good sociable ride with anyone, regardless of their ability. The result is a smoother and more comfortable towing arrangement for both riders.

There is a second benefit for elite athletes in training. The use of resistance to develop strength and endurance is well established with sprinters (e.g. Lydiard’s uphill bounding and drag resistance, often by pulling a tire). The Bicyclebungee can be used in a similar way by cyclists, forcing them to maintain a higher gear. Alternatively, riding at normal effort, the time on the uphill sections will be correspondingly lengthened, increasing the training effect.

As both cyclists head off in single file the leading rider will start to pedal more powerfully and the bungee cord will gradually extend out of its casing as it unwinds from the reel. As the ride progresses, the assistance-force from the front rider will accumulate in the retracting spring inside the reel and the bungee cord. This energy is then released as a smooth, steady pull on the trailing bicycle.

Both riders can control their effort by selecting appropriate gears, with the towing rider choosing a lower gear than normal and the towed rider a higher gear than normal. If the difference between the riders is greater, the bungee cord may reach a fully extended position. In this case, the assistance force is largely provided by the bungee cord. This force progressively increases the more the bungee cord is stretched. The distance between the bicycles depends entirely on how close the towed rider chooses to be.

To disconnect, the hook is simply removed from the trailing bicycle, and the cord retracts automatically back into the housing. This can easily be performed while moving. In the event of an accident, the hook is designed to break away at a force of 20kg.

The Bicyclebungee is very easy to install. It simply slips over the bicycle’s seat post and then tightened down. It is compatible with all standard seat post diameters of 27.2 mm to 31 mm.

The Bicyclebungee has a standard one year warranty. If you have any issues or are dissatisfied with your Bicyclebungee at any time, please contact Bicyclebungee USA immediately.