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Simply Propelled

If you have any interest in family biking, bikepacking, adventure travel, or all of the above, be sure to check out and follow Simply Propelled.

The Clark family has taken some amazing long distance adventure travel journeys with their two kids, and Dan Clark does a fantastic job of documenting them with high quality video, photos, and narrative. Their next sojourn is a family bikepacking trip from the Canadian Arctic to Baja California. They are launching on July 1st, so make sure to follow their trek and say hello to them!


Bicyclebungee USA was born out of a deep desire to spend more meaningful time with my kid by way of cycling together. I discovered Bicyclebungee while searching for a system to effectively tow another bicycle and rider. Bicyclebungee provided the best means to ride together while independently practicing cycling at our own levels. We could take longer routes and steeper hills without needing to worry about him getting too tired, straying behind, or simply limiting my riding style or route so that he could keep up.

Bicyclebungee is distinct to other towing products since the towed rider is always freely cycling and not stiffly pulled along. It is also a very smooth ride due to the high elasticity of the bungee and nothing like the jerkiness of pulling with a rope, strap, or cable.  Unlike tandem bicycles, you just use your existing bike that already fits to your needs and liking instead of investing in another expensive bicycle specifically for tandem cycling. These distinctions were obvious to me from the very beginning and the product certainly lived up to its expectations.

Before using the Bicyclebungee, our riding distance was very limited to a just a couple of miles and approaching any kind of hill meant getting off the bike and walking. We’re now able to ride up hills together, and being from Western Washington state, it’s hard go anywhere without encountering a hill. With the Bicyclebungee, we quickly became used to riding 5-10 miles regularly and are continuously increasing these distances. We’ve become much more liberated to ride just about any route and as a result are discovering so many more areas together via bicycle. Above all, although cycling is an individual sport, it is so much more enjoyable as a companion activity!

Bicyclebungee is also an effective method of resistance training and is what the accessory was originally designed for. Although for me personally, this purpose is secondary, using it has been a very welcomed workout!

As a Bicyclebungee user, I was so impressed with the quality, engineering, and refined simplicity of the product, that I felt compelled to take on the role of promoting it and making it more available to other cyclists in my situation, who are otherwise missing out on many opportunities to regularly ride with his/her riding companion. After the tremendous success I had with the product, I knew I could stand behind it 100%.

Bicyclebungee was developed in New Zealand (the land of bungee!), by competitive mountain biker, Patrick Meffan. Patrick initially wanted to develop a resistance training accessory that could be used on the road and trail, and then quickly realized he also needed a solution to enjoy bike rides with his wife and kids while getting the workout and keeping the pace he is used to. The end product was very unique and formidably addressed both of these goals, while robust enough to hold up to miles and miles of all-terrain riding.

Until now, the Bicyclebungee has only been available directly from its native New Zealand. Bicyclebungee USA was founded to become the official distributor of Bicyclebungee for North America. Bicyclebungee USA’s mission is to make the Bicyclebungee readily available to anyone in the Americas and to raise awareness of the benefit of it for the many people who desire to have the same experience with their riding companion as I did. Bicyclebungee USA also adds value by being a direct point of contact for customer and technical support for the Bicyclebungee. Bicyclebungee USA provides demos, training, and presentations to dealers and end-users alike. Furthermore, Bicyclebungee USA works directly with customers on any adaptations or custom installations that are required to use the Bicyclebungee outside of the normal design parameters.

Bicyclebungee USA is very active in the Pacific NW cycling and parenting community.