How does the Bicyclebungee work?

The Bicyclebungee attaches to the seat post of the front bicycle. The bungee cord extends from the internal reel to attach to the rear bike with the built in hook. The front bike carries the momentum of the rear bike and the bungee gently absorbs any differences in momentum. When the bungee is disconnected, it retracts back into the housing automatically.

Is the Bicyclebungee safe?

Yes. Using the Bicyclebungee is no different than two cyclist riding together on the same route. The hook can be instantly detached at any time. In the event of an accident, the hook is designed to break away with 20kg of force.

Can kids use the Bicyclebungee?

Yes! The Bicyclebungee is the perfect accessory for riding with kids since the parent can ride at his/her normal pace with the child always keeping up. Kids learn how to hook and unhook the bungee right away. Kids benefit first and foremost by the fact that they are constantly pedaling on their own bike and practicing cycling, rather than simply being pulled along with no physical effort. Additionally, they benefit by riding longer routes, learning the rules of the road by closely following the parent, and it’s an overall safer ride, because the child doesn’t get separated from the parent. Above all, it’s a great way to spend more time with your kids!

Is the Bicyclebungee easy to install?

Yes! The Bicyclebungee simply slips over the seat post of the leading bicycle and the clamp is fastened by three built in bolts.

Will the Bicyclebungee fit on my seat post?

The Bicyclebungee accommodates all of the most common seat post diameters from 27.2 mm to 31 mm. If your seat post is unusual and falls out of this range, please contact Bicyclebungee USA for instructions on how to adapt to your seat post.

My seat post is too short to fit the Bicyclebungee. What do I do?

The standard installation of the Bicyclebungee requires at least 3″ of available seat post height. If you have less than 3″ available, please contact Bicyclebungee USA for custom adaptation solutions.

What is the Bicyclebungee made out of?

The housing is made of a high-strength carbon fiber. The bungee cord is a high-strength, high-elasticity material.

What is the warranty on the Bicyclebungee?

The standard warranty is one year.

What is the Bicyclebungee USA return policy?

If you are unsatisfied with Bicyclebungee for any reason, return it within 90 days of your purchase for a full refund.