The Bicyclebungee fits over the seat post, which needs to be removed from the frame.

The security bolts on the bicycle bungee need to be loosened with an Allen key.

There are many different seat post diameters with the most common being 31mm (mountain bikes) and 27.2mm (road bikes). With a 31mm post, the mount fits directly over the post. For smaller diameters down to 27.2, the supplied sleeve needs to be placed over the seat post first followed by the device. It may be necessary to gently wedge the two sides of the mount apart with a blunt tool in order to introduce the seat post.

*Note: Be careful not to damage the edge of the carbon fibre flange when doing this.

When the Bicyclebungee is mounted in the correct position, lightly tighten the three mount securing bolts and then reinstall the seat post.

*Note: The security bolts only need to be sufficiently tight to prevent rotation of the Bicyclebungee on the post.

For unusual seat post sizes, it may be necessary to use other methods of sleeving the seat post, such as wrapping with tape, etc.


The Bicyclebungee should be attached to the seat post of the stronger rider.

The hook and bungee cord are drawn out of the bicycle bungee and the hook is placed over the handle bar of the second bike. This is most easily achieved on the outer part of the handlebar (near the brake lever) and then slid towards the mid-line. On some bikes, the handlebar is thicker in the middle and it may not be possible to slide it fully across. Even in this case, it doesn’t cause a problem for the rear rider or reduce the ability to steer. The hook may slide from side to side on the handlebar while riding—this is normal.

Once connected, the two riders set off simultaneously. This doesn’t need to be precisely timed as the bungee cord will withdraw 3 meters (10 ft.) before providing any major pull. With experience, it is easy to connect and disconnect while still cycling.

Once cycling, the riders bike as if they were not connected. Each rider uses the appropriate gearing to determine how hard they wish to ride.


The Bicyclebungee is robust, being made of carbon fiber. The two drainage holes underneath the device need to be cleaned periodically. No other management of the Bicyclebungee is required.